Synchronization & Paralleling System

synchronization panels - Synchronization & Paralleling System

NGT manufactures auto and manual PLC based synchronizing panel that has all control gears and switchgear necessary for synchronizing operation such as breakers, protection relays and synchronizing meter.

Manual Synchronizing Panel is provided in all controls and meters to observe various parameters for manual operation.

Auto synchronizing panel comprises of special relays that automatically perform synchronization. In addition, we also provide sharing relays so that each DG shares equal load and load management relays to control starting and shutting off generators depending upon load requirement.


  • ►  Synchronization of generators up to 32 sets
  • ►  With Magnetic Contactors
  • ►  With Motorized MCCBs
  • ►  With Motorized Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs)

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