NOOR Service Plus

One of our core values is to keep our customers satisfied, and for happy, loyal customers, after sales service is the most important aspect. It is an assurance that we value your trust, we care and we are there for you.

Our prestigious position as an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for multiple brands gave us the privilege to know more and understand each and every technical aspect of our products to keep our generators running even under extreme conditions.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • ►  Routine servicing, Maintenance and Repairs
  • ►  Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)
  • ►  Extended Warranty Contracts (ESC)
  • ►  Load Testing
  • ►  Generator Set Commissioning & Site Acceptance Testing
  • ►  24/7 Support, Technician Call Out and Helpdesk
  • ►  Electromechanical Installation
  • ►  Diesel Engine Repair and Alternator Rewinding

   24/7 Call Support

As a prompt response to customers’ needs and valuable time, Bahmani General Trading offers 24/7 service to make sure the machine is running efficiently.

Our highly trained and dedicated team is on call to help you utilize your generator’s maximum capacity despite the location, application or size. Our team has the solution for any problem, and can provide technical advice to maintain your engine’s overall performance.

   Annual Maintenance Contract

To maintain and prevent the DG from any possible failure, maintenance is the key. Bahmani General Trading’s advice is to assure no break down will occur for your DG, and this is stipulated in the maintenance contract. All necessary maintenance services are planned and executed throughout the contract.

Each service contract can be tailored to suit individual client requirements for both standby and prime applications.

   Extended Warranty

To reduce the down time, eliminate worries and headaches, an extended warrant policy is available with Bahmani General Trading generators upon request. The standard manufacture warranty can be extended from two to 10 years, depending on the model purchased and site location. It covers the cost of replacing defective components, labor and the travel charges.

   Testing & Commissioning

For the sake of honesty and integrity we make sure that our products are going to work and serve efficiently.

Our specialized team will be present to ensure our generator is running well. They will perform the commissioning and testing at site once unit is installed.

With onsite load, a power failure is simulated to ensure that the generator engages and delivers the required power.

We offer load bank testing of our generators at site and our premises in general. Our testing procedures are designed to include the performance of generator sets, exhaust silencers, lube oil make up systems, amongst others.

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